Saturday, August 3, 2013

Indian blues...

Hi all,
Haven't chimed in for a few days as I was sick for about 48 hours after I ate the Indian. All day Thursday I alternated between feeling nauseous and having bad tummy pains, and when I was heading home in the arvo I nearly fainted in the car (luckily I was not driving!). It was a big day too as I had to leave home at 6:40am to get to my hospital placement over an hour away and wasn't home til about 6pm as I get my dust mite injections each Thursday fortnight after I get home from the hospital.
Unsurprisingly did fine with the cals, had muesli with yoghurt for breakfast, Mish's veggie fritters for lunch, a cheese & chive scone as a snack, and two rice crackers for tea. Was so flat out (and not feeling well anyway) so only managed a quick dog walk, burning 100cal.
Friday I woke up and thankfully was feeling back to normal. I rode 15.53km on the bike in 30min and also went on the treadmill for 30min on the steepest possible incline (therefore only did 3km), burning a total of 676cal inc my 20min dog walk after uni. Ate muesli and banana for breakfast, Mish's corn fritters & an apple for lunch, & made Mish's ricotta & spinach filo parcels for tea (YUM!). Still struggled to make up the cals so attempted some air-popped popcorn (epic fail) & had a tim-tam. Came in at <1000cal for the day which is a bit below what I'd like.
Today I got up & was going to head to the gym but my doggy was looking at me so pleadingly I thought I'd go for a super long walk with him instead. Walked at a steady pace for 1.5hrs and only burnt 400cal which was a bit disappointing but he really enjoyed himself & so did I. Made Mish's chicken & leek pies for lunch and these were really amazing! So yummy.

Tonight we're hosting a potluck dinner party so cals are going to go out the window tonight, but that's okay cos I'll be hitting the gym hard again tomorrow morning :)

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