Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday!

Yesterday I had a killer day. I started the day by walking the dog, then had a few classes, then hit the gym - ran 5k in 30min, then cycled 5k in 10min, then ran another 2.5k in 15min. I was absolutely stuffed after that (burnt 901cal with dog walk & gym). Had a veggie burger for lunch, it was filling & quite satisfying, then afternoon classes. After uni I studied for a bit, then listened to a boring talk for an hour, then had a practice exam session. Finally got home about 9:30pm, luckily I had everything ready to go to make Mish's corn fritters and they really hit the mark, they were delicious and cos I made a double batch I had enough for 4 more meals. I was completely exhausted when I got to bed, but also a little strung out from not stopping all day, so I had to take a sleeping tablet. After that I was out like a light! Allowed myself a sleep in til 8:30am which was really needed and felt very luxurious to snuggle under the covers for just a little longer!

Today, of course, is weigh-in Wednesday, and it was with some trepidation that I stepped on the scales first thing this morning. 900g lost! Hooray! I have been really going hard at the gym but have still struggled to avoid temptation food-wise. So far I've lost 2.2kg in 2.5 weeks so I'm pretty happy with that. And, you know what, this afternoon one of the girls at uni asked me if I'd lost weight! Hooray! No one's asked me that since after I had jaw surgery last year, haha! Anyway, I said no, but secretly I was very pleased. Onwards and upwards from here I say! Although, there was free lunch at uni today - 2 sausages in white bread & tomato sauce, and a small glass of pepsi (oh, and a very thin slice of strawberry cheesecake made for someone's birthday, ARGHH!)....hmmm....and I'm heading out to Indian for tea. But, I've only been out to tea twice in the 6 months I've lived down here (and brunch once), and no takeaway (besides occasional free pizza at uni once or twice) so I'm okay with this.

Oh yeah, and according to my scales, my fat % is down 0.3%, TBW up .2% (still need to work on this), muscle up .1%, BMI down 0.3, and total recc cal/day down by 36. So everything's moving in the right direction except I really need to focus on improving my hydration.

**Update: It's 10:15pm, I'm lying in bed with a bit of a bellyache...headed out to tea earlier, to an Indian place recommended by friends & with good reviews on urbanspoon & tripadvisor. We decided on the banquet and the food was nice (but a bit sweet??) but before I got to dessert my tummy was in trouble and I had to dash to the loo (sorry if that's TMI!) - I think this confirms I either have some kind of food intolerance or had a rapid food toxicity! Anyway, I have no idea how many cal were in the meal, probably approaching 1000 I'd say, and now all I have is a belly-ache to show for it...that'll teach me!!! :P


  1. Sounds like a food hangover, I tend to get an upset stomach if I eat 'bad foods' after being clean for a while. Hope your feeling better today

  2. Hey there, thanks for your comment :) I was sick for about 48 hours so I don't know if I could have been ill for that long just because I've been eating well of late? And my diet hasn't changed much at all anyway so I don't know...mind you I wasn't aware food intolerance sickness could last that long either...who knows! Anyway I'm all better now thank goodness! :)