Thursday, July 25, 2013

My commitment is...

Today Mish set us our next task.
My commitment is:
-To lose at least 7kg (to get to my pre-Europe weight) and ideally 10kg by the time round 3 2013 is over. I will try and lose 1kg per week. So far I've lost 1.3kg so I'm on track.
-To look good in a bikini by the time I go to Fiji (2 weeks after round 3 finishes). I haven't felt comfortable in a bikini in a while and last year bought my first one-piece. I still feel a little young for that!
-To fit comfortably back into my old dresses
-To fit comfortably back into my pre-Europe jeans
-To work on my self-esteem and body image so that I can attract the kind of person I deserve
-To do my best to run 10km non-stop by the end of round 3 (knee/feet issues dependent)

-To improve my self confidence so I don't feel like the ugly duckling when I'm out with my gorgeous friends
-To buy myself new running shoes when I hit the <60kg mark (my shoes were obtained second-hand in 2007 and I'm sure aren't helping my knee & foot pain and blisters!!!)
I do this with my ultimate priority in life in mind (in the words of another 12wbter Annalouise): I want to love myself and for someone to love me.
I am committed to doing the work that it takes to get there. This includes continuing to exercise daily, sticking as closely as possible to 1200cal or less daily, and having no more than one 'treat' item per day. I will not drink alcohol, and I will do my very best to limit my binge eating at social events and when visiting my family in Melbourne.

Today I walked 6km before uni, burning 397cal. I had the thai larb again for lunch, and for dinner made Mish's beef and oyster sauce stir-fry. Delicious!

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