Monday, July 29, 2013

Another day, another blog post

So, another week begins.
Friday I headed back to my parents place in Melbourne and as usual couldn't avoid my habitual binge once there. By the time the evening was out I'd eaten 80g of Mars Bar slice, 25g of thins potato chips, and 2 hash browns *sigh*. At least I'd managed to run 4.39k and cycle 8.11k at the gym to make up for a little of it.

Saturday I had work & then caught up with a friend (vanilla slice...), was absolutely stuffed when I got home but forced myself to jump around for an hour and managed to burn 557cal (discovering its much much harder to get my heart rate high when I don't have a treadmill to run on!). My dogs thought it was hilarious all the crazy moves I was doing, luckily no one else was home at the time so I didn't embarrass myself! Went out in the evening for dinner and bowling and managed to restrain myself food wise.
Sunday I was really looking forward to as it was my chance to meet up with some other 12wbters finally. I was very disappointed that of the 12 people who had signed up (& hadn't pulled out), only 2 others besides me showed up. Still, it was nice to meet the 2 ladies I did meet, and have a chat about how we were going. The 1000 steps themselves definitely got my heart rate up (max 192!) even though I only walked up them, but overall it wasn't much of a workout as the whole thing only took 40 min, and walking down, though hard on the knees, wasn't much of a workout.

When I got home I took the dogs out for a walk to try and burn a few more cal.
Again faltered diet-wise when my sister came over with freshly baked scones (I restrained myself to 1.5 scones with jam but no cream), also had 40g more of Mum's mars bar slice & 4 licorice allsorts...Hmm. Always knew I'd struggle with the food side of things. Made Mish's chicken, pumpkin & celery hoisin stirfry for tea which wasn't bad, then drove back down to Gippsland.

Today I hit the gym a bit earlier than usual, and after a 3min warm-up started to see how fast I could run while still keeping my heart rate below 190. 9km/hr seemed to be about the do-able speed, so I ran 4k doing that, told myself I'd just do 5 as my right knee was starting to hurt as usual, then somehow with my FitRadio app playing and a bit of willpower, I managed to run for 65min straight and a total of 10km! All at 9km/hr besides the first 3min walking warm-up! I was pretty stoked as I'd never run that far before.
Pity I had yet another blow out day with food- 1.5 slices of chocolate peanut butter brownie, 1 choc chip cookie, and 1.5 slices of lemon loaf cake. Oh deary me. Still, I burnt 1000cal today so hopefully I will still have some sort of loss on Wednesday, though I am not confident that will be the case. I'm definitely loving the FitRadio app, it's great not having to stop all the time and change songs on my phone which I was having to do beforehand. Made Mish's roast pumpkin & lentil veggie burgers for tea, they were quite tasty and very filling but did not stick together at all which was somewhat annoying I must say.

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