Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday!

So I've been trying to be really good with both food and exercise this week and so far I am doing well.
Yesterday I walked 8.13km on the treadmill and burnt 642cal.

Today I walked 10.01km and burnt 750cal (done continuously, but you can only program the treadmill for a maximum of 70min :P). I am doing my very best to stay in the heart rate zones this week, but I couldn't help but let it rip with a couple of super fast kms at the end of the first hour and then at the end of the following 20min. I definitely find the endorphins are much better in the higher heart rate zones!

Also, I get rather bored of walking so slowly for such a long time. Especially since I have not been able to work out how to dial my iPhone into the gym radio stations so I can watch TV. I would've loved to watch the news about Will & Kate's baby boy or watched the 80s movie that was on. I have the tuneinradio app but that doesn't seem to be able to do it. Any tips?
One negative is that I have got terrible blisters on my feet. My left foot is particularly sore and I am having to burst bubble blisters on my little toe daily! Ouch! I think I will have to leave a permanent bandaid on them or something. Apparently fixomil (a bandage available from the chemist) & Vaseline is a good cure, & I happen to have both of these at my parents place in Melbourne, so I will have to retrieve them this weekend when I head back for work. I am really looking forward to meeting some 12wbters when 14 of us get together to do the 1000 steps in the Dandenongs on Sunday!
Another interesting thing that happened yesterday is that we had a workshop on lung function testing. I was very keen to find out how my lungs were shaping up and was pleased to find out they are working at least as well as, if not better than average!

Nutrition wise I have so far been sticking to my 1200cal well, since borrowing Mish's cookbooks from the library and finding a few of her recipes online. Last night I made her rainbow fried rice and found it quite tasty (though still not as good as the thai chicken larb, which I will be making again tonight).

Today was weigh-in Wednesday, so I eagerly (though nervously) hopped on the scales this morning. 1.3kg down in about 10 days! Yay for me. I also got readings of my fat percentage (25.6%) total body water (55.4%), muscle percentage (35.6%), bone weight (2kg), BMI (23.8), and recommended daily caloric intake (2346cal - haha!). I don't know how accurate all these values are, but I did find them interesting, and all were normal except my total body water, which shows I'm moderately dehydrated. This does not surprise me in the slightest as I never drink enough water and have had a few headaches recently with all the exercise I've been doing. Drinking peppermint or cranberry herbal teas in place of a sweet snack, as I have been doing, will hopefully help a bit with this.
I'd love you to leave me a comment if you've read my blog. Although it's mainly kept as a personal record for me, I would be interested to know if anyone else finds reading it enjoyable! :)

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