Monday, July 22, 2013

When life gives you bananas....

Well, after a horror weekend, it was time to start the week afresh today and totally SMASH IT. Which I did! And I'm so proud of myself.
The day started with the 2hr drive back to uni from my parent's place, so it was quite an early start (fueled by a banana). We finished morning classes half an hour early so I took the opportunity to do an hour's walk in my lunch break and managed 6.05km and burned 495cal.

To give you an idea of the kind of area my uni is located in, while I was walking along the highway, I had a banana peel thrown at me by a P-plater driving along in his car. And it very nearly hit me too! What a loser. Wish I'd taken his numberplate, if I had I would have reported him to the EPA, would have been just perfect if he'd got a fine for littering ;). Sadly I was too surprised by what had just happened to process things quickly enough.
 Had 4 corn/rice thins & 30g tasty cheese for lunch (am still soooo full from yesterday!!!). Afternoon classes were rather dull so I left a little early when my computer battery died and headed to the gym.
This week my aim is to follow my Polar HRM and train for the recommended amount of time in each zone. So, I decided I would aim for 30min in zone 2 (HR<155) and 30min in zone 1 (HR<133). Ended up doing 6.53km and burning 520cal. Go me! I didn't raise much of a sweat and at times really wanted to break out into a run, but I am determined to keep things slow and steady this week.

Got home and made Mish's thai chicken larb again for tea (301cal). It's so delicious! All my housemates were very jealous of the delicious smells coming from the kitchen :)

p.s Ate about 2600cal yesterday...pavlova, sausage rolls, spinach dip, scone, pizza muffins at bookclub, I was very full after that & normally wouldn't have eaten anything else that day but sis invited me & parents over for dinner party = delicious roast lamb & apple/rhubarb crumble...eekkkkk!!!

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