Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wednesday Weigh-In

Well here I am, sitting here a little morose, but it's all my own fault as I showed a decided lack of willpower while I was at the Canberra conference. I won't bore you with all the details but let's just say there was hash browns, chocolate brownie, portuguese egg tarts, fresh bread and butter, black forest cake, chocolate espresso cake, scones with jam and cream, pavlova and cheesecake involved, just to list a few things! Deary me. Considering I have only managed to gain 500g I probably escaped quite well out of it. Sadly that makes 800g gained in two weeks of 12wbt, after going so well in preseason and losing 3kg. *sigh*. I now weigh exactly the same as I did 3 weeks ago.
Anyway, I'll post my ins & outs so I can least try and keep myself accountable:
-360cal out at the gym in about 40min
-at least 1700cal in
-694cal out doing a 9.5k run around Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra over an hour. I was pretty proud of myself with this one, I've never run that far outdoors before!
-at least 1000cal in not including lunch & morning tea, I forget what I ate but no doubt I'd be at least hitting 1700cal again
-332cal out doing a 4.91k to the lake and back in 30min.
-at least 1700cal in not including lunch, I forget what I ate but I no doubt would have exceeded 2000cal
-headed home on an early morning flight. Thank goodness for that. I'd turn into a blimp if the conference had gone for much longer!
-550cal out
-1232cal in including Mish's basil & walnut pesto spaghetti with roast pumpkin & tomato. This was super delicious despite the fact there was such little sauce - it didn't matter! And no oil!

-back at uni, planned to be good but willpower deserted me again when there was free pancakes at the student union. 1384cal in, including Mish's korean hot pot for tea which was quite yummy and filling.
-615cal out doing Mish's fitness fat burner workout at the gym. Definitely gets the heart pumping!!!

-finally hit that magic <1200cal number again with 1112cal in today, including Mish's Korean-style omelette today. Pretty bland to be honest.
-380cal out doing total body toning & abs.

Today I've been good. I had Mish's breakfast crumble for breakie which wasn't bad (though probably not filling enough for me), and had the omelette again for lunch with the addition of salt, pepper, and about a tablespoon of light soy sauce - this significantly improved the overall taste!

So far I've 674cal in and 750cal out, with dinner (& probably a snack or two) to go. Tonight I'm having Mish's beef stroganoff for tea so that should be pretty yummy I hope.


  1. Is it a little bit wrong to say that my mouth started watering when I read your 'bad' foods...? Haha. It's all good - these things take time! Although we've all done kick arse stuff so far, we can't make perfect choices all the time! Each day is a new dawn!

    1. Nope that's totally understandable! Haha! Some I didn't enjoy but some were downright delicious. I have a thing for free food in particular, so I just couldn't help myself. I think the portuguese egg tarts were probably the overall winner ;) On a more positive note, I have eaten 1000cal so far today (and thus can have a snack later without guilt if I feel the need!) and burnt 750cal! Go me! :)

  2. It's all a learning experience :) I'm glad that you're just moving past it and staying accountable, that's the best way to keep moving forward. I hope you enjoyed the Strog! It's pretty delicious (and massive)!

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment! :) Yup have officially moved onwards and downwards (!) with a loss of 1.3kg this week! :)