Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Well I'm sitting here in Canberra waiting for my room to be ready, I'm here for a conference. Anyway, it's been a week since I last posted so I've got a bit of catching up to do!

Friday night dinner was the calorie blowout I had predicted - between the roast lamb (with cauliflower gratin, beans, roast pumpkin, roast potato, roast capscium & gravy) & my sister's waffle rhubarb chocolate pudding, I ended up eating a little over 1900cal for the day according to My Fitness Pal, and it could have been more than that, who knows. Oh well.

I had a killer day at work, working 9-4:30pm with only 15min off. I had Mish's carrot, basil & ricotta wrap for lunch which was delicious but gave me terrible garlic breath so I had to brush my teeth before seeing more clients! By the time I got home I didn't have too long before I had to head out again, to a friend's place for dinner. We ended up getting Thai takeaway and so the day's cals came in at around 1600 or so. No exercise :(

Worked out for 45min, burning 450cal. Day's cals in came to just over 1200 but I didn't eat breakfast and ate a lot of snacks instead, which I know is bad.

Drove back to Gippsland in the morning, had a break in the middle of the day so worked out for 64min, burning 630cal. Big workout! Have decided to follow Advanced Lean & Fit as Intermediate is a bit too easy a program for me. Ate 600cal of snacks though, effectively negating my positive workout. Came in at just under 1400cal for the day. Had Mish's sticky bbq beef slaw for dinner, was a bit heavy handed with the shallots so I didn't love the slaw, but otherwise the meal was good.

Worked out for 65min, burning 550cal. I am enjoying Mish's workouts so far. Today I was good until I had to drive back to Melbourne again for a family dinner. Ate Mish's spaghetti bolognaise for tea (yummy), but also had dessert - apricot cakes with lemon sauce & icecream, and a slice of sultana cake. OH and 4 slices of sourdough bread with butter. Eeekk.... Surprise surprise the days cals came in at just over 2000. My worst effort so far since starting the program :(.

Unsuprisingly when I weighed myself this morning I had PUT ON 300g. Fair enough given my lack of willpower concerning food this week. Worked out for 60min, burning 528cal. Had Mish's lentil shepherd's pie for tea which I really enjoyed, and a cold chicken drumstick. Day's cals came in at about 1280 or so.

So that brings us to today! I knew it would be a struggle to fit in a workout today what with flying to Canberra and attending this conference til Sun. So, my sister, who stayed at mum & dad's last night too, drove us both to her work (closer to the airport), I worked out for 40min at the gym near there, then taxied from there to the airport. I was pretty impressed with myself as this involved a LOT of organisation! It's going to be REALLY hard to control my cals til Sunday, so I am aiming to maintain this week's weight for the next weigh-in rather than try to drop any off (though that would be a bonus!). I didn't eat the snacks on the plane though I did take them, and hopefully over the next few days they will ward off other potential snack attacks I may otherwise go for. I've got all my workout gear with me so I'm going to do my best to use the hotel gym or to run around the lake near here.

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