Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fitness test & Wednesday weigh-in

So today I had my next weigh-in. I have now lost 3kg! I am pretty darn happy with that :)
Here are my stats:
-weight loss this week (800g)
-fat percentage (25%) - down 0.3%
-total body water (55.8%) - up 0.2%
-muscle percentage (35.8%) - up 0.1%
-bone weight (2kg)
-BMI 23.2 - down 0.3
-recc daily caloric intake (2331cal) - up 21?

I also did my fitness test today. This was a fair challenge, not only physically, but logistically. There are no athletics tracks around here, and I really struggled to find a flat area with no cars that I could do my 1km time trial on. I eventually settled for marking out the 1km distance (using GPS on my phone) around a slightly boggy soccer pitch. The bogginess & strong headwind did not help me, but I was still happy with my time, though I was wheezing slightly at the end, despite not having asthma since I was a little kid (cold air perhaps?).
-1km time trial: 5min exactly
-Knee push-ups in 1min: 47
-Plank on knees: 2min
-Wall sit: 1min30s (this was a massive struggle)
-Sit & reach beyond toes: +7cm
I know I can do a lot better than these esp with the wall sit and sit & reach as in the past I have got results much better than this. But it is a useful place to start to gauge any improvements.
After the fitness test I ran another couple of kms (slowly!) then came home and walked the dog, burning a total of 615cal.

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