Thursday, August 8, 2013


Yesterday was a day of mixed emotions.
I got my first compliments! And to get 3 in one day started to give me a complex!
Person 1) 'Clare, you look different - have you cut your hair?'
Person 2) 'Clare, you're looking really good'
Person 3) 'Clare, you're looking really good - you look really healthy!'
Given the quote 'It takes 4 weeks for you to notice a change, 8 weeks for your friends to notice, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice' I'm doing well! I started exercising July 12, calorie counting July 13, and I think I didn't start making dietary changes til about July 15. So I am happy others are noticing changes within the four week mark (I have lost 3kg in about 3.5 weeks).
Anyway, so that was good. I had a 45min gym sesh in the morning, I was annoyed at myself for not getting out of the house quicker so I could get a full hour in before class, and even by 2km I was hurting so I told myself I'd just run 2.5km. Well I kept telling myself just one more km just one more km and before I knew it I had run 7.57km in 45min flat. I was pretty happy with that - I just had to talk myself out of quitting.
After 7 hours of uni I ducked home to grab my doggy then drove 2 hours to visit my parents in Melbourne. Waiting for me was my first ever speeding fine in over 10 years of driving. Urgh (on a happier note, I later discovered that because I haven't had a fine in the last 2 years, I wasn't more than 10km/hr over the limit, and I'd been fully licensed for >2 years, I was eligible to apply for a warning instead. I have written a letter, so fingers crossed).
By the time I got to Mum & Dads it was approaching 7pm so I asked what was for dinner. Mum said 'I thought you were cooking it?'....oh dear. I was already a bit on edge due to the $180 fine, so this made me a bit irritated given my monster day. Poor Mum! I was starving so as usual couldn't help myself and gorged on some potato chips. Anyway, I made Mish's asian chicken patties with warm noodle salad, and it didn't take too long. Mum and I both really enjoyed it (Dad ate some chops, haha!). I definitely think it needs the dressing though - roughly a tsp of lime juice, a tbsp of each of fish sauce & soy sauce, and a pinch of brown sugar. After dinner I was still feeling a bit irritable so emotionally ate two pieces of raspberry & coconut slice. *sigh*. Oh well. I can only do better. Totals for the day were 531cal out, roughly 1334cal in (over 600 of which were the chips and slice!!!)...

Today is a new day, so I am owning my emotional eating of yesterday and trying to do better. Started with taking my measurements. This will mean that even if I put weight on, if my measurements go down I will know it is muscle I am putting on, which weighs more than fat.
I thought I'd give one of Mish's exercise videos a go. I did the 'earn the burn' video and followed the advanced moves. I was a little disappointed to only burn 383cal doing the video, but I jumped around like a crazy woman to FitRadio afterwards for another 20min, taking it up to 507cal.
My Dad is going to the US for 6 weeks on Monday so tonight we are having a farewell dinner. That will no doubt be a calorie blowout but I will try to restrain myself. Mum is making a roast, my sis is making a dessert, and I'm providing nibbles.

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