Tuesday, August 27, 2013

10k, 58min, 780cal

So it's weigh in day today. I was feeling pretty good about today's weigh in - I hadn't eaten perfectly, but I'd eaten MUCH better than the week before at the conference, and the week prior to that when I couldn't stop snacking. So I was definitely hoping for a loss rather than a gain like the past 2 weeks!
So I stepped on the scales, and found out I'd lost 1.3kg! Hooray! This is quite a lot given I'm not super heavy (or tall) to begin with. Those couple of 1000cal exercise sessions paid off! Finally, I've started to head back in the right direction, after a few crappy weeks.
So, my stats were:
-24.9% body fat (down 0.4%)
-55.9% water (up 0.3%)
-35.9% muscle (up 0.2%)
-23.1 BMI
-2322 cal needed per day (up 9?)

Well, the weekly round up as usual:

Ended up with ~1162 cal in and 1006cal out. Stoked with that.

Opted for one of Mish's salad options for lunch: baby spinach, pear, walnut & chickpea. Rather delicious and quite filling! Tea was Mish's butter chicken and this was REALLY yummy. I made double so I could store 3 lots in the freezer (which is getting rather full!). Ended up eating some more of my housemate's chocolate pudding so ended the day with 650cal out and 1395 in.

Decided to see if I could do an SSS much faster if I did pure cardio. Theory proved correct when I managed 1042cal in 90min. YAY! Felt so good afterwards, though my knee was still bothering me a bit. Splitting up my running between the cross-trainer and treadmill is really helping though. Had Mish's not so naughty nachos for tea, which I didn't enjoy as much as the bean nachos, and overdid the snacks a bit, so 1412cal in. Not too fussed given my epic morning workout.

Shorter gym session today as I had a long day at uni. 1151cal in, 511cal out. Had Mish's lamb with spiced rice for tea and this was quick & easy, and really yummy!

Went hard at the gym today, and ran 4.5k on the cross-trainer in 25min and 5.5k on the treadmill in 33min, burning a total of 780cal! The sweat was literally flying off me. Again felt great afterwards; those endorphins are really flowing! Avoided the free bbq at lunch and had leftovers from last night instead, but couldn't help but support the global health bake sale - had a piece of choc cake with peanut butter icing (plus a taste of a marshmallow frosting red velvet cupcake and a cream cheese icing carrot cake!!!) so my cals will probably be blown out of the water. I'm going to be pretty good for the rest of the day, though I couldn't help but buy a block of Cadbury mousse raspberry coulis chocolate on sale for 99c! At 2 squares or 125cal I'm happy to incorporate that into my cal allowance. I'm making Mish's thai chicken burgers for tea which I think should be rather yum!

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