Thursday, September 5, 2013

Winners and losers...

Definitely about time for another update.
So, this week's weigh-in was not good. Up 300g :( Pretty disappointed as I exercised at least 500cal worth every day. Did have a few red flag meals (including the night before weigh in!) but tried to have no snacks during the day to account for them. Hmm actually there were 4 meals out now I count them!!!
Did improve on the fitness test though - can now run 1km in 4min 33sec. Definitely felt an asthmatic wheeze coming on again during it though - must ask my doc about it (given it only comes on with super exertion, she will probably just tell me to avoid that!). Managed 51 knee push-ups in a minute, extended plank time by 1min, no change in wallsit time. Have lost a couple of centimetres but no great change there either.
Here's the week's summary.

Cals in 1562 due to some binging when I got to Mums after a long day. How to avoid this???! Did make Mish's beef pad see ew for dinner which was yummy. No exercise today due to a long day with a TON of driving (3 hours or so).

Pub lunch (happens just 4 times a year due to being at city campus of my university) and a couple of snacks meant my cals in were about 1379. Did do a 6k run before uni though and burnt 532cal. Was supposed to go out for dinner/drinks after uni but was mega-tired and didn't want to have an absolute cal blowout so went home and rested and studied instead. What a nerd, haha!

Big day at work then out for dinner - thai. Shouldn't have had the spring rolls but did so came in at 1813cal for the day with only 100cal out on a brief dog walk. Hmm starting to realise why I had the gain this week!

Reigned it right back in today cals wise, burning 500cal and eating 1234cal including Mish's beef & guinness pies for tea. Made it with red wine instead and it was yummy, Mum enjoyed it too. I think this was the day I did the fitness test. I got my 1k time down to 4min33sec which I thought was good until I started googling it, haha! Did get asthma again at the end which I MUST ask the doc about (having not had asthma since I was in early primary school).

I believe cals in was about 1000, and cals out 634, but hard to say as I was out at a function for dinner which was a selection of canapes (all of which I did my best to log into MFP, but who knows!).


Out for dinner with Mum & sis, guessing 750cals for dinner alone - chicken parma & 2 slices of thin potato pizza? Prob more... Big day on the exercise though with a 6k run, 2k dog walk, 3.4k walk to dinner & back, totalling 814cal out (and about 1377 in).

What began as an attempt to eat well dissolved into eating icecream...oh dear! Made Mishs' thai kangaroo salad for tea. Visually it looked good, but I couldn't handle the taste. Ate about half of it then gave up. Cals in ~1475, cals out 576

My new runners are giving me terrible pains just below my right ankle. I over-pronate, meaning my foot tilts inwards and my shoe impinges on that part of my foot. I usually wear orthotics but they make my whole foot ache with these shoes. A physio friend has suggested trying to run on my forefoot so I am going to give that a go tomorrow. In any case, burnt 551cal (2k on cross-trainer level 12 in 30min, and 3k on treadmill no incline 18min) and ate 1337 (couldn't resist 2 pieces of choc after dinner!). Made Mish's quinoa, lemon, chilli & fetta stuffed capsicums and really enjoyed them.

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