Thursday, September 19, 2013

Plodding along

So the Wednesday weigh-in came and went and to my great surprise I managed to lose another 900g. I was almost certain I'd have a gain so this was a very pleasant surprise indeed. My stats were:
-Fat 24% (down 0.3%)
Water 56.5% (up 0.3%)
Muscle 36.2% (up 0.1%)
Bone 2kg
BMI 22.3 (down 0.3)
Daily kcal requirement 2244 (down 35)

Multiple times a day now I am having people comment on my weight loss. My pre-Europe jeans are now completely comfortable rather than a bit tight (and at the start, completely impossible to get on!), and I am starting to notice changes in my face (more angular - more attractive I think??). My legs are looking more muscular with all the running I am doing. The thing I am most looking forward to, despite forgetting to list it as a goal at the start, is the crease marks (from when I sit down and my tummy fat bunches up) to go away, and what I call my 'rib fat'. Besides the general tummy area I am now happy with my body shape. I do think my arms are thinning out a bit too & they have been my nemesis for a while, with my torso being a size 10 but my arms occasionally meaning I have to go up a size or sometimes even 2!!! 
I feel proud of myself and what I have achieved so far. Mentally I am in a good place. My body has long been a source on unhappiness for me and I am now starting to feel I have control over it rather than it having control over me. Sometimes it tries to fight me though as I have outlined in previous posts! I just hope what I have achieved is sustainable. I will likely do another round of 12wbt - another lean & fit if I have not achieved my goal weight, or lean and strong if I have. I hope this might cement these changes into my psyche permanently :)
Today we had a clinical skills day. This involves learning about examination of different body systems, and today was endocrine. I was feeling really exhausted and a friend was practicing on me and took my heart rate - 48 - and my blood pressure - 105/60. Haha no wonder I wasn't feeling great! She fed me a chocolate frog and about 20 minutes later we were doing blood glucose testing, and mine was 5.4mmol/L, which is consist with if I had been fasting, rather than post-lunch and post-choccie frog as I had been (for which normal is anything up to 11.1). Good to know I have absolutely no signs of diabetes anyway :)
Anyway, here's the latest summaries. Monday's cals finished up at about 1669 in, 1200 out.

1233 in, 403 out (toning day + dog walk). Made Mish's beef & broccolini stir-fry for dinner which was yummy and the portion plenty. 

1418 in, 1184 out. You'd be horrified to hear that, no joke, 584 cals of that was chocolate brownie! In fact I only ate one proper meal today cos I just wasn't hungry for some reason, so I just grazed instead. Had a final goodbye at the local Salvation Army crisis centre where I volunteered last semester. The first thing people did when they saw me was exclaim over how much weight I had lost. It's amazing how much of a difference losing just 5kg obviously makes!!! In the evening I attended a psychological first aid workshop run by a fellow student. It was really good. Pizza was on offer but I was good and took along a 12wbt cauliflower & chickpea curry instead. I enjoyed this but the serving size was a bit too big, so next time I'd split it into 4 servings instead of 2.

Today started out well with a toning day at the gym before class, burning 400cals including my dog walk after uni. Couldn't control the snacking afterwards though, not sure why, just cravings rather than hunger, also feeling really tired at uni. Makes me wonder when I get super super tired at uni whether my blood sugar's just dropped really low. I'm going to try to eat more low GI foods & see if that helps. Maybe I should eat a bigger breakfast post-gym too (or higher protein), as my normal brekkie on uni days is just 2 corn thins with cheese.

Heading to the footy tomorrow night. Really excited. GO HAWKS! It will be great to hang out with my extended family and it will be the first time I have seen my Dad in a few months as he has been away for a while in the US. Poor thing flies in at 8am tomorrow and I cajoled him into going to the footy that same night! I plan to start the day with a 1000+cal gym session to really get my weekend kick-started :) Won't have time for exercise on Sat as I have work, then a patient interview, then out for dinner, but I'm happy to have a day off.


  1. Did you enjoy the footy, bet your excited for this weekend!

  2. Hey, awesome to read about your progress! I'm thinking of doing another round too, maybe Lean and Strong.
    I'm the same with the tummy region too...would love to get some ab action there, but wondering if that's a bit too ambitious just yet! Love looking the in the mirror now...instead of trying to creep past much more definition in my arms.
    How awesome is it when pants fit better? I had two pairs of jeans shoved in the bottom of my drawer which I could wear because they were too tight, now they're too loose!
    Are you doing anything special for the Grand Final?
    Happy eating and workouts for the rest of the week :D Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Hi Myriddian, I did enjoy the footy, after I finally got a seat! Given we had paid $140 for each ticket I was not impressed when I got told there were no more seats left, and when I finally did get one, I was sitting by myself amongst strangers, not ideal! Also, my sister got accidentally assaulted and ended up when cuts on her face & a big black eye from someone bumping into her, so all in all it was a night of mixed emotions - thank goodness we won! Tomorrow I'll just be watching the footy at home; my Mum's having an operation today so I'll probably pick her up tomorrow morning & sit with her at home.
    Hey Ashley, Yes I'm unsure whether to do another round straight away or skip a around (given I'm away for at least 4 weeks over summer) and then start again the following year. Hmm. You're right, looking in the mirror has become much more pleasant. And yes, I pulled on my summer shorts yesterday and they nearly fell down around my ankles - so I went to the shops to get a new pair and was both shocked and pleased that size 8 was, in some brands, even a little big!!?? Are you all better now???