Wednesday, September 11, 2013


YAYYYY!!! First weight-loss since 12wbt officially kicked off! I lost 1.5kg this week, bringing my total weight loss to 4.5kg - nearly halfway to my goal. I can taste that success...
My pre-Europe jeans are fitting pretty comfortably and I've had four or five people comment that I'm looking good or ask me have I lost weight :)
Fat 24.3% (down 0.7%)
Water 56.2% (up 0.4%)
Muscle 36.1% (up 0.3%)
Bone 2kg
BMI 22.6 (down 0.6)
Daily kcal requirement 2279 (down 52)

Barefoot at the gym today - some incline power walking on the treadmill, then some cross-trainer action. Burnt 604cals. Kept waiting to be kicked out for being shoeless but it didn't happen :)
Kept my cals light on during the day as I was really looking forward to a treat meal tonight - chicken & chips from apparently one of the best takeaways in Gippsland. Oh it did not disappoint! I think it tasted better as I haven't eaten it for a while. Let me tell you they did a lot better job of it here than the place near my parents in Melbourne, haha! Anyway, including 750cals for dinner (!) total cals in was 1387.

Bit nervous about the weekend. I'm heading back to Melbourne tomorrow afternoon, am going out to dinner tomorrow night, then at a course (with pizza day one, Subway day two apparently) all weekend (luckily I hate Subway). Plus Mum usually has some delicious baked goods available! Lots of red flags... Hopefully this week's weight loss will be the motivation I need to JUST SAY NO!!!

Oh, and another nice thing happened today - one of the girls at uni (a physio, but not the one I've mentioned heaps) said I've inspired her to get running and she managed her first 10k the other day. That made me really happy.

Although I'm not willing to verbalise it to anyone as it seems an impossible dream with my knees/feet being as biomechanically useless as they are, I would love to run a half marathon....


  1. Congratulations on all of your little wins!! Also, good luck with your red flag days. It's amazing that you have inspired someone, that must feel pretty great to hear!

  2. Hey Em, no delicious baked goods at Mums for once so that has removed one temptation at least! ;)