Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Exam done - PHEW!

I'm having a nice time sitting here after having done my 3 hour mid-sem exam this morning. I think it went largely okay apart from having to draw a Wigger's diagram in full detail. I suggest you Google it (try wikipedia) and laugh along with me about how that was certainly not going to happen!
Headed to the gym afterwards, then my physio friend took another look at my poor old foot. He has absolutely forbidden me to run for the next 4 days minimum, and pointed out all the bruising on the bone underneath my ankle. He says I'm heading straight for stress fracture disaster and I'm sure he's right. So, for now, it's barefoot on the cross-trainer, weight-training, and I am really looking forward to seeing how my old runners go when I head back to Melbourne on Thursday night. In the meantime, he has taped me up and added a couple of heel wedges into my shoe to see if that helps.

Ran 5k and walked 2.5k, burning 616cal. My foot was really giving me grief so couldn't manage more than that, and knew I shouldn't procrastinate too much from study! Food was generally good, had Mish's steak sandwich again for tea which I really enjoy. Cals in 1257.

Hit the gym before class, doing 4k on the cross-trainer at level 11-12, then 4.5km on the flat treadmill at 10k/hr. Burnt 1014cals which I was really happy with. Ate a few too many bikkies provided during our morning tute, but total cals in was 1290. Had de-frosted 12wbt leftovers for lunch and tea, mindful of not procrastinating too much with cooking, with my big exam Tuesday morning.

I went to the gym after the exam today - cross-trainer for 1/2 an hour & some weights stuff, burning 670cal. Leftovers again for tea as I can't be bothered going to the shops and I've got plenty more good frozen 12wbt options in the freezer.

I'm hoping for a big number tomorrow - 1kg+. I have definitely put in the work, with a cal deficit of 300-1000 per day (though making sure never to eat <1200cal). I'm not sure what I'll do if I haven't lost at least 1kg. Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!!!


  1. Ouch! I hope your ankle heals up fast! Be very, very careful doing weights barefoot (and at all!), I crushed my big toe in high school and it wasn't a nice experience :(

    Over 1000 calories burned is such a great effort! Woo!

    It sounds like you're doing well! I hope you were happy with your weigh in this morning!!

  2. Yes I definitely won't be doing weights barefoot yikes! I actually prefer cardio so this is a good reason for me to focus on strength for awhile instead.
    I was very happy with my weigh in today - 1.5kg down woo-hoo! Hope you were happy too :)