Monday, September 16, 2013


I've hit a bit of a wall tonight, so I've decided to take the rest of the night off from study and just do some relaxing things. I didn't get enough sleep over the weekend and it was also a very full on weekend with a full day of an Indigenous Mental Health First Aid course each day.

Made Mish's bimbap for tea; really enjoyed it. Total cals out 1044, in 1236.

Couldn't rouse myself to do any exercise before the course this morning. Had a ton of the provided pizza for lunch. Luckily wasn't hungry at dinnertime so just had a small cheesymite scroll Mum had got free. Cals out 0, cals in 1276.

Really tired. Rediscovered how good Arnotts raspberry shortcake biscuits were at morning tea time...also had a few other lollies that were going. Cals in ~1339. Managed to JFDI after I finally got home (course ran overtime again), and while the sun was setting walked the dogs then ran for a while, total 7.7k

Back at uni, so this morning started with a bit over 2 hours of driving. Thankfully a short day so decided to blast it at the gym. Had my biggest session since owning an HRM to date - 1200cals burnt! Phew!!! That consisted of running 11.3k (1hr) on the treadmill, jogging/walking 1.2k on the cross-trainer on level 12 (20min), then walking my dog when I got home. I think it's certainly why I'm so tired now, and looking for snacks despite not actually being hungry. I have made passionfruit and coconut creme caramels for my housemate's belated birthday, so we will be enjoying those after she has had dinner. I'm already up to 1400cal for today but I don't care given my epic gym session, and I know I will do better tomorrow, the day before weigh-in.
The good news is that no part of my legs (besides my blistered feet) hurt much at all during my running today.


  1. It sounds like you're going well :) What are you studying?

  2. Hi Em, I'm studying medicine. It's full on, but incredibly interesting with lots of extra opportunities along the way. I love it! :)

    1. Oh that would be full on! It's great that you're loving it though :D