Thursday, September 26, 2013


I'm officially on holidays! I am glad, but they haven't started too well.
Last night was my sister's 26th birthday. I was really looking forward to having a family dinner, as we hadn't had one since my Dad got back from his 6 week holiday. I was looking forward to it all week. Well, of course I took one look at Dad when I arrived at the restaurant (after a 6:30am start and a total of 3.5 hours driving) and knew he'd ruin the evening, which he then proceeded to do. He was in a foul mood and like usual took it out on the rest of us. My poor sister was so upset. Dad ended up saying that he was tired, it was not his kind of food, and left. He went and ate a kebab somewhere. I was terribly angry and disappointed. He was acting like a petulant child. He later returned, to our amazement, and though things started okay, he then deteriorated in his mood again. After dinner he went home & Mum & I went to my sister's place for a bit. I snuck off and got her an icecream cake as not only had Dad's mood soured the evening but her workmates had completely forgotten her birthday and she had had no cake. So I did what I could to salvage the evening. I felt really sorry for her.
ANYWAY - probably should backtrack a little while.

The footy last Friday was good, though tarnished by a few things, first of all that my sister & I weren't able to sit with our family, then that we were told there were no more seats available and we would have to stand (at $140/ticket I was pretty livid about this), and then Dad finally scrounged us some seats but they were single ones amongst strangers. So I spent the first quarter sitting by myself, eating some hot chips, and they stuck in my throat a bit because the whole thing I enjoy about the football is spending time with my family and here I was sitting by myself. The second quarter was better as I became friendly with my 'neighbours' and they were willing to move around a bit so my sister could come and sit next to me. After half time we were heading back to our seats and all of a sudden my sister leant down clutching her face as a big tall dude, in his haste to get back to his seat, had 'shouldered' her right in the eye (accidentally). Her glasses were broken, she had a few cuts, and I could see it was already starting to puff up, so we spent the entire third quarter at St Johns with her holding her an ice pack on her face (she still has a black eye a week later!). Anyway, the Hawks did eventually win the game, so that was good, but I have to say it wasn't the most enjoyable game I've ever been to by a long stretch (and, it was definitely the most expensive! :P). Cals in 1339, cals out 600.

Big day today. Had work, which is usually straightforward & I usually finish bang on time, but today there were lots of complex cases (dog with fulminant heart failure, cat with abscess that I had to lance, blocked cat etc etc) so I finished late. It was a mad rush to get home, change my shirt, then head straight back out to do my interview (for an assignment) of a patient with a chronic illness. That took 2 hours, then I headed home before heading out for dinner with a group of 20 vets who are all now pursuing, or thinking of pursuing, alternative careers. It was a very enjoyable evening. Cals in 1328, cals out 0.

Determined to burn off some of my indulgence with a decent workout this morning, so started the day with a 10k run (in just under an hour), then did about another half an hour of jogging & jumping around to take the cal burn up to 1000. Made Mish's mediterranean chicken for tea which was reasonably enjoyable though I've discovered I definitely don't like squash! Cals in 1148.

Had a 707cal workout to start the day. Made Mish's chickpea & veggie pies which were quite yummy (though needed a little salt for flavour) though made 4 pies instead of 2! Guess what I'll be eating for days! Cals in 1310.

650cal workout today, 1259cals in. Am really loving strawberries dipped in Chobani greek yoghurt. I have heard that the pineapple flavour is amazing but I haven't managed to find that yet. Didn't feel like dinner tonight so just had some healthy snacks instead.

Weigh-in day! Argh! I always dread this day. Anyway, I lost 300g. I'm okay with that. Since 12wbt officially kicked off, I have lost 500g/week (but, actually, most of my weight was still lost in pre-season!). As long as it's a loss, however small I will take it.
-fat: 23.9% (down 0.1%)
-water: 56.5% (constant)
-muscle: 36.2% (constant)
-bone: 2.1kg (up 100g)
-BMI: 22.2 (down 0.1)
-daily kcal requirement: 2235 (down 9)
I had the day off from uni which was super pleasant. I slept in a bit, then went to the local shops to buy a few new clothes. The weather was warm so I went to pull on some shorts, and I was shocked when they were so loose they nearly fell down around my ankles! I bought 2 pairs of shorts, a new top, and a dress, and all were size 8, I could hardly believe it. I also tried on some pants in one shop, and size 8 was TOO BIG?!!! Amazing :) I do feel like I've lost some of my love handles, I like the shape of my legs & arms, but I definitely still have work to do around my tummy, especially my 'rib fat'. I feel my goal weight is still a realistic goal to aim for.
Headed to the gym after shops, 633cals out, 1012cals in. Had Mish's beef fajitas for tea again, didn't have mexican seasoning so used moroccan seasoning and this was AMAZING! Definitely one of my favourite recipes.

Largely described above. Cals in 1660, was definitely doing some emotional eating after Dad's mood & there was no way I wasn't going to eat some of the icecream cake & make my sister eat it all by herself. Not bothered at all by the cal blowout as it is a rarity these days. Was a bit upset when I got home, and worked up, so I had to take a sleeping tablet to get to sleep. I feel so frustrated at the situation.

Mum's in the hospital having another operation today, this time on her shoulder. It's made me rather anxious, as it does everyone when their Mum goes under an anaesthetic, I'm sure! I'm looking forward to being able to take care of her next week, as I'll be living at Mum & Dad's during my mid-sem break. Dad has no idea how to look after himself let alone himself & Mum, so this is definitely necessary. I've heard she's woken up from her procedure now & I hope to be able to visit her this afternoon. I'm going to make Mish's teriyaki chicken & vegetable stir-fry with noodles as I think Dad will tolerate that. Went for a 5.5k walk/run and burnt 400cals.

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