Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Yet another Weigh-In Wednesday

So it's definitely time for another blog post. Today was weigh in day, I was happy with my results, I've now lost a total of 10% of my body weight (700g this week) which feels like a bit of a milestone. A few days ago a friend described me as waif-like so that was pretty nice, haha! Still haven't QUITE got to my pre-Europe weight though - 600g to go!!! And still don't quite have a bikini-ready body but I'm getting closer and closer....:)
-fat 23.6% (down 0.3)
-water 56.7% (up 0.2)
-muscle 36.4% (up 0.2)
-bone 2.1kg
-BMI 21.9 (down 0.3)
-total kcal requirement: 2254 (up 19??)
Today we had some nutrition lectures. I actually learnt quite a bit. The lecturer was talking about all the ways we can measure body composition so I went up afterwards and asked her about how much her clinic charges to do DEXA scans. Turns out they are currently recruiting people for a DEXA scan trial so it will be FREE! I am super super keen and will definitely be getting in touch with her to organise that, hopefully it all works out!
Anyway, here are my stats. I didn't do well with my eating over my 'break', but managed to maintain my weight and neither gain nor lose anything so I was okay with that.

Cals in 1181, out 402. Dad didn't eat the teriyaki meal I made for him. Not sure why I bothered!

Cals in 1229+, out 606 (Grand Final breakfast then GF party at my sisters)

Cals in 1293, out 450. Out for lunch and had Vietnamese bun (a rice vermicelli salad dish), this is absolutely delicious and if you haven't tried it you absolutely should!!!

In 1274, out 1628. Geez I can't even remember what I did this day but I must sure have exercised a LOT!!! Oh yes now I remember. I did a massive run in the morning, then took the dogs for a walk (totalling 15k between my run then a few kms walk), then did an hour of aqua aerobics in the evening. I hadn't done this before but I had a FABULOUS time, it was more tiring than I thought it would be!!! Made Mish's chicken strips with cherry tomatoes, broccolini and beans and I enjoyed it. Stayed the night at my sisters which was really fun - had to take my own dinner as she was fasting for some fructose testing the next day, but this meant I kept within cals when normally I wouldn't have as we would have headed out for tea!

Went for a short run in the morning burning 451cals. Spent the day with my best friend at the Royal Show, had a fabulous time sampling all the delicious gourmet foods (and how cool is the vertical Masterchef herb garden! I want!). As a result, didn't eat lunch. Made Mish's beef fillet with roast pumpkin, beetroot & gingered spinach for tea. This was really yummy. Best estimate of cals in is ~1400+!

Cals out 500, cals in 1652 of which half were scones! Ooops! I tried a new scone recipe and it was a bit too delicious....!

No exercise today as drove my Mum down to my grandparents to see them and have lunch. Had a creamy pasta for lunch. Didn't eat dinner but a likely cal blowout regardless. Cals in 1425+. Saw my allergist in the morning, he has now started me on an asthma pump I have to use up my nose! Feels odd but is hopefully going to be effective as if it doesn't work I think my only options to make the polyps go away are oral steroids or surgery. On the upside, he says if we can fix my nose my asthma is likely to disappear, and I'm almost certain he's right about that.

Cals out 800. But another blowout cals in. I think I may need to add protein shakes or bars to my diet as I am nearly always craving food - I am doing a lot of exercise so I know I need to eat a fair bit, but it needs to be quality nutrition not just extra snacks!!! Made Mish's chicken parmagiana for tea which was just alright. Cals in 1633.
Did my fitness test this morning. 1km in 4min17sec. Didn't have wheezing as badly so perhaps the asthma treatment is working.

Cals out 589. Cals in 1337. Had Mish's roast beef, avocado and cottage cheese wrap for lunch. Didn't really like it. Not a fan of deli meats generally so not sure why I thought this was a good choice! Oh well! 99% of the time I have been really loving the recipes so it's no problem! Cals in is just an estimate. I can't even remember what I did on Saturday but I must have been out for dinner...

Cals out 615, cals in 1575. Had Mish's chicken with mustard sauce, roast tomatoes and asparagus for tea. Nearly forgot about the tomatoes in the oven but thankfully my housemate realised! I quite enjoyed the meal though it certainly wasn't up there amongst my favourites. Back to Gippsland for the last part of Semester 2 before the deliciously long summer break.

Cals out 930, cals in 1569. Made Mish's grilled lamb with pumpkin and pine nuts for tea. This was realllly yummy and I can highly recommend it.

On Tuesday I ran the farthest I have EVER run before. I managed 16.4km (on the treadmill) in just under 90min. I was very proud of myself. Perhaps I can run a half marathon after all! Also took my dog for a walk after uni, so burnt 1187cals all up. 1504 cals in.

Today (Wed)
Cals out 585, cals in 1187. Made one of my favourite Mish meals to date tonight: beef bulgogi skewers. YUMM!!!! I marinated the meat overnight and it was just delicious.

To finish with, I promised energyandemily I would post a pic of me in my zebra jumper. So here it is! :)

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