Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Another goal achieved!

Well, two Wednesday weigh-ins have passed since I last wrote so I thought it was time for an update :)

Cals out 651, cals in ~2500. Urgh. Had a friend's b'day dinner where there were heaps of plates of deliciousness, so this is just an estimate but likely a fairly accurate one!!!

Cals out 755, cals in ~2000. My sister came to stay this weekend, which means a weekend of indulgence - I know it didn't have to mean this, but one of our shared passions is food, so I was willing to sacrifice a weekend of healthy eating for this!

Cals out 221, cals in 1880. 1200 of these were snacks! Pretty poor effort on my part. Had fun visiting the Korumburra Farmer's Market, trying the Rusty Windmill cafe in Leongatha (the salad with my burger was AMAZING!), and going for a bit of a bush walk.

Back on track with sis heading home today. Cals out 320, cals in 1171. Had Mish's beef, pumpkin & prune tagine for tea and REALLY enjoyed it!

Cals out 1185, cals in 1657. Ran 15k in 77min 37sec which is my best ever effort! Beginning to think I need to eat a protein bar immediately after a big workout to stop the crazy snacking. With some trepidation I decided to cook Mish's vegetarian burritos for tea. I'm not a huge fan of tofu, and was unsure whether the $5 spent on tofu would just be wasted. Well, I was very pleasantly surprised! It didn't taste like much, certainly wasn't offensive, and was a fine meat substitute. I would definitely eat this meal again.

Cals out 360, cals in 1162. Made Mish's roast pumpkin, haloumi & brown rice salad for tea. I knew I liked haloumi so knew I'd like this dish, though the haloumi was a bit expensive.

Cals out 605, cals in 1762. 8k in 39.45 which is my fastest ever. Had 2 sausages in bread at lunch to support a new med student mental health wellbeing club, in addition to my leftovers from the night before. A bit excessive! For tea made Mish's chickpea, ricotta & tomato salad for tea. Enjoyed it, but overdid the ricotta so it was overly creamy.
Surprisingly, despite the shocking stats of the last week, particularly the weekend, I managed to lose 300g! Any downwards movement I am very happy with!
Fat 23.5% (down 0.1%)
Total body water 56.8% (up 0.1%)
Muscle 36.4%
Bone 2.1kg
BMI 21.8 (down 0.1)
Daily kcal requirement 2244 (down 10)
Aiming for another 300g loss at the next weigh-in!

Cals out 250, cals in 1141+. Final day placed at Leongatha Hospital, which I am sad to leave!

Cals out 706, cals in 1240. Made Mish's tasty tandoori chicken for tea - I don't know if the chicken thigh fillets I bought were just super tiny, but I felt this meal was rather sparse to be honest! What there was of it, though, did taste good.

Back in Melbourne & big day at work so no exercise today. Also MASSIVELY overdid it on the intake today, guesstimate would be 2300cals in. Best friend & her partner came over for tea, so I made Mish's butter chicken which I love and they did too, but they brought with them cheesecake & cookies & cream icecream (my favourite). Anyway, we had a lovely evening.

Was going to go for a big run this morning but was far too tired. Went for a short run with the dogs & my sister later in the day, burning 210 cals. Cals in ~1350. On the walk/run my sister literally said 'You are SO LEAN! In fact I don't think you could BE any leaner!' - haha I have never been called lean IN MY LIFE! When I got home my Dad also commented on how good I was looking, and said he was really proud of me!

15ks on Mondays seems to be part of my routine now, so managed that, burning 1126cals. 1186cals in inc Mish's hot dog with crunchy slaw, though ate a whole sausage in mine rather than a half, which just seemed silly! Basic meal, but yummy.

8k and 520 cals at the gym this morning, plus an 80cal dog walk = 600 cals out. Wasn't very hungry this day, or the previous, so only 798cals in. Had Mish's korma lamb cutlets with mint yoghurt and rice which were really yummy and very easy!

Wednesday - today
Weigh-in day! Stepped on the scales hoping to see a 300g loss, and was 1.1kg down! YAY! This means GOAL ACHIEVED! I am now lighter than I was before I LEFT for my 2.5mth Europe trip last year, and in fact lighter than I can recall being pretty much since high school (though my memory has never been wonderful).
Fat 23% (down 0.5%)
Total body water 57.1% (up 0.3%)
Muscle 36.6% (up 0.2%)
Bone 2.1kg
BMI 21.4 (down 0.4)
Daily kcal requirement 2205 (down 39)
My total weight loss so far with 12wbt is 7.8kg. I was aiming for a total weight loss of 7-10kg on the program, so I have achieved my aims. I hope to lose at least 200g this last week!

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