Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Final Wednesday weigh-in

Well, I can hardly believe how fast this past 12 weeks have gone. I definitely had a few ups and downs with my eating but overall I gradually shrank ;)
This week I only lost 400g, but I did start to back off the exercise a bit to try and achieve a level of activity that will be possible to maintain in the long-term.
Anyway, the stats:
Fat 22.8% (down 0.2%)
Total body water 57.2% (up 0.1%)
Muscle 36.7% (up 0.1%)
Bone 2.1kg
BMI 21.2 (down 0.2)
Daily kcal requirement 2185 (down 20)
In total over my first round of 12wbt I have lost 8.2kg, or 12.8% of my body-weight. I've decreased my bodyfat % by 2.8%, increased my muscle % by 1.1%, and dropped my BMI by 2.6. I'd still like to aim for a couple more kg lost to get rid of the last bit of blubber on my tummy :). But I am going bathers shopping with my sister on the weekend, woo-hoo!
I'm about to enter the dreaded swot-vac/exams period for the next 3.5 weeks, so this will be a real test of my willpower. I hope to chip away at those last 1.8kg or at the very least not gain anything - after all this I've got to look really good when I go to Fiji!
I posted on the 12wbt page after last week:

'My aim for 12wbt was to lose all the weight I gained on a trip to Europe last year. And this week, I've done it! In fact, I've surpassed it, and now weigh as little as I recall weighing in my adult life. I'm proud of me, and literally in my WHOLE LIFE have never had as many compliments as I've had during the 12wbt program. Today I had 3 compliments from 3 different people: that I looked glamorous, that I looked really good, and that, from a gay friend, if he was a woman he would be intimidated by me based on how good I looked! Haha! There is now rarely a day that goes by that someone doesn't tell me how good I am looking - and let me tell you that is an incredible feeling!
I feel my self esteem has really had a massive boost and I'm sure it is reflected both in my internal happiness and in the way I portray myself to others. I smile and laugh more for sure!
I can now run 15km non-stop, which surprises even me given I couldn't run 5k non-stop a few months ago. I now run 5-10k nearly every day, and 15k once a week!
I am not going to do another round (though if I fall off the wagon I will return for round 1 next year), but will definitely keep blogging, using my heart rate monitor, and logging my calories in myfitnesspal. I have not found this restrictive, but rather a useful tool to use in my daily life. I eat 12wbt meals for most meals, nearly all lunches, though never eat the breakfasts. I have saved all the recipes to keep using.
Anyway, before I started this program I never thought I had the willpower to lose weight. So, I am proud of me. In fact, this might just be one of my proudest achievements to date. And it wasn't even very hard!!!
My hope is that, with my new-found confidence, happiness, and self-belief, I can find that elusive Prince Charming who has so far escaped meeting me wink'
Here's what I managed in the final week:

Wednesday (previous weigh-in)
Cals out 485, cals in 1771. Went out for dinner with ~300 other Gippsland women and watched the documentary 'Happy' - really worth seeing. I felt inspired to do a few more things to increase my happiness (but the 12wbt has definitely helped!).

Cals out 515, cals in 1156. Had Mish's vietnamese beef noodle soup for tea. Super yummy & easy! Would definitely make this again.

Cals out 530, cals in 1309. Had Mish's chicken cacciatore for tea. It wasn't bad but wasn't one of my favourites either.

Cals out 400, cals in 1210. Had Mish's veggie burritos again for tea, to keep using up the tofu. Yummy!

Cals out 500, cals in 1223. Burritos for lunch, Mish's roast pumpkin salad again for tea to finish off the haloumi.

Cals out 905 (ran 12k & walked my doggy after class), cals in 1328. Mish's cajun chicken with sweet potato & avocado salad for tea. Enjoyed it, though tend to be less of a fan of salads generally, not finding them as filling.

Cals out 465, cals in 1000. Not that hungry today. Had Mish's chargrilled beef with avocado & corn salsa for tea. Yummy & super quick which was good as I had 2 hours of prac exam practice in the evening. Not much time to eat which probably explains the low cals!

Wednesday (today)
Cals out 615 (8k run & dog walk), cals in 1116 plus some plain roast chicken meat. Made Mish's beef moussaka today - yummy, but ended up making 4 pies instead of 2 with the quantity of ingredients listed so was super low on cals!

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