Saturday, September 7, 2013


Well its now Saturday, and I can definitively say that an SSS is no challenge at all when you have an exam on Tuesday that you are desperately procrastinating for!!!

Anyway, Friday first.
Attempted forefoot running with a strike rate of 175/min as per my physio friend's advise. Managed 50m max I'd say, for 2 reasons: 1) I established I don't normally run that fast anyway! and 2) Foot was killing me. The med student in me did some researching and discovered it's my fibular/peroneal trochlea that's getting pains from my shoe. Still, I somehow managed to run 7.5km and burn 604cal despite the intermittent pain (seemed to lessen as I went along - perhaps my running style changes as I fatigue?).
It was a day of 12wbt meals for breakfast lunch & dinner: boiled eggs w/ vegemite soldiers, then last night's leftover stuffed capsicum, then a delicious sausage w/ mash & balsamic onion for dinner. Rather than 2 generic low fat sausages I ate just one delicious turkey, cranberry & basil sausage that I'd bought at the farmers market (if
you've never eaten one of Lockton Gourmet's sausages, you are seriously missing out!), and accounted for the extra cals in MFP. Couldn't resist some of my housemate's homemade apple pie afterwards, which would have kept me within cals apart from I also couldn't resist a scoop of her honeycomb & butterscotch icecream. Oops! Cals in 1355 for the day.

Got up at 8am looking forward to some SSS-procrastinating though slightly concerned about my foot. Folded up a sock inside my shoe to lift up my heel and that definitely helped, so I will try 2 socks tomorrow and see if that fixes the problem entirely, until I can get some heel wedges.
It was a beautiful morning. I ended up running 10k and then walking a further 2k. I passed (lapped) an elderly couple doing my same route in the opposite direction to me and of course much slower, but it was funny that we said hello 4 times! The best bits of the morning were 1) managing 10k despite my sore foot 2) saying hello to other people out enjoying the weather and 3) creeping over that elusive 1000cal barrier again. Managed 1006cal all up in 82min. Had the last of my AMAZING farmer's market oranges for breakfast, lunch was leftovers, and for dinner made Mish's beef with creamy mustard mushroom sauce & beans. Pretty yummy. Cals in 1206 WOO-HOO!

Mentally I'm really struggling with not getting past the 4kg weight loss barrier. I know there's 8 weeks left but I highly doubt I'll get to 10kg weight loss in that time. I DO fit into my pre-Europe jeans, which was one of my goals, but I certainly wouldn't look good in a bikini yet! Wish me luck and willpower and the ability to say NO to snacks! ;)


  1. Ahh it sounds like you had a lovely SSS! I love saying hi to people who are out walking/running, it feels like I'm part of this little, friendly fitness society :)

    You're doing really well with cracking that 1000 cal mark! Awesome work :) and also on sticking to your 12000 cals! How good is that beef dish! YUM!!

    Very best wishes moving forward and for smashing our goals over the next 8 weeks :)

  2. Thanks so much Emily! :) I'm glad someone's reading my ramblings!