Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's the weekend!

Yay for the weekend! :) I'm staying in Gippsland this weekend which means I have heaps of extra time to get stuff done, including my Super Saturday Session! Anyway, to recap:

Beef stroganoff was pretty good. I wayyy overcooked the beef though so I burnt a few extra calories trying to chew my way through it, haha! Total cal in 996, total cal out 750.

Had Mish's breakfast crumble with yoghurt again. Cos it's not very filling and so high in sugar I probably won't have it again. Dinner I tried Mish's cannellini bean stew with crispy polenta. Not bad, but needed some added salt for flavour. Only managed 300cal of exercise with today's workout plan, and ate 1469cal. Whoops!

Burnt 475cal on the treadmill today. Knee is still playing up which is making anything involving knee bending a bit painful. I'm still trying to push on through it while I wait for my new runners to arrive! Had Mish's bean nachos with chilli guacamole for dinner and they were fantastic! Yum yum! Afterwards had some chocolate pudding that my housemate made. Total cals in ~1762 including the 580cal of the chocolate pudding!!! Oh yes, and my big positive for today was that a girl at uni said 'How much weight have you lost? You look so skinny!' Hooray! Given I've done nothing but put weight back ON the last 2 weeks, this was a welcome comment.

Had Mish's banana bruschetta for breakfast (not bad), then headed to the farmer's market this morning, it's only on once a month and often doesn't coincide with when I'm in Traralgon so I was pleased to be able to go. I bought 2 packets of gourmet sausages (chicken, cheese & chive, and turkey, cranberry, basil), 3kg of delicious oranges, a bunch of coriander, and some flowers to brighten up my room. A really pleasant way to pass the morning. After going to Woolies to do the rest of my shopping, I decided it was time to do my SSS. I have never burnt 1000cal in one go before, and decided today was the day. I started with Mish's Ignite and Burn 700 SSS (finishing it off with a 5k run), then I did Friday's core & stretch workout, then I had to run another ~1.5-2km, then stretched, then jumped around for a bit, and FINALLY, 2 hr 35min later, I had burnt 1006cal! Geez it took forever though and I was completely beat, I found myself shutting my eyes at times as I was doing some of the stretches. With full-time study and part-time work I do not have time to be doing that every weekend!!! So this might be my once off. Had Mish's steak sandwich for lunch which was REALLY yummy. Off out for dinner tonight but I've got 440cal remaining for the day to hit 1200, and after my SSS I'm not going to feel too guilty about a bit of a (controlled) binge! :)

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