Tuesday, August 6, 2013

End of pre-season

So, this week is the end of pre-season! A quick update since Sat:

The potluck party went well. I would have eaten 1000cal easily. I made pizza muffins & a gluten- and wheat-free chocolate brownie (excellent easy recipe from taste.com.au), and everyone else contributed other home-made goodies: wedges, chicken pies, chicken dumplings, chicken quiches, and a lamb rogan josh! So we certainly did not go hungry. It was a late night with the last guests leaving around 1am, I was completely stuffed by then.

Sunday I slept in a bit then hit the gym. I've invented a new work-out which is quite fun. I've had to as after cycling on the gym bike like crazy I have blisters on my bum! Can't hardly believe it! So here is my workout invention:
-run 5km as fast as possible - aim for 30min or less (speed 10.0+), at incline of 0
-decrease speed to 6.0, walk until HR drops to under 150 (should take no more than 2-3 min)
-for the remainder of that 5min, increase incline to 15, drop speed to 5.0
-35-40min: decrease incline to 14.5, increase speed to 5.5
-40-45min: decrease incline to 14, increase speed to 6.5
-45-50min: decrease incline to 13.5, keep speed at 6.5
-50-55min: decrease incline to 13, keep speed at 6.5
-55-60min: decrease incline to 12.5, keep speed at 6.5. For the last 2min speed up on 0.0 incline (if necessary) to complete 8km in 60min.
I find this to be an excellent workout. Mind you, I have to hold on to the treadmill in the second half hour otherwise I would fall off! I find this workout reliably burns at least 700cal in the hour.
Also bought a protein bar today, and ate it in quarters throughout the day. Was surprised how full it made me - in total for the day I was 810 cal out and 849cal in.

Monday was a different story. Known as 'PBL Mondays', the first half of the day always involves sampling a little of the delicious home-made treats one person has brought in each time. I ate one tim-tam and one slice of cake (chocolate with chocolate frosting & Reece's Pieces!) which totalled about 640cal just for the both of those! Eek! Also felt a bit rotten during my gym session due to having just eaten the cake, though still managed the same work-out as Sunday (but had a 1min break at the 2.5km mark). Burnt 860cal and ate 1525cal. Need to do a bit better than that...

Today was a new day and I resolved to eat clean and eat 1200cal or less. Burnt a total of 800cal through gym (same workout as previous day) and dogwalk. 
Started the day with 2 thick rice-crackers with thin scraping of vegemite on each one, then later ate a banana, lunch was Mish's spinach & ricotta filo parcels. After lunch I really hit the wall. I had massive cravings & felt a bit weak and I think it's because I had done a huge workout as usual, and taken in only about 3/4 of the cal I had burnt off at the gym. Went home early and had a hot chocolate (60cal), 120cal worth of chocolate, and a few apricot bites and felt a lot better. Tonight I plan to eat a farmer's market cheese & chive sausage for tea, and have it with half a packet of cheese & cracked pepper pasta (415cal). I'm trying to eat my way through the cupboard before 12wbt officially kicks off next week (I know, I know, I'm supposed to throw it out, but I cannot stand wasting food). I'll have to find another snack to make up the 1200cal...maybe an apple or something. I'm still REALLY struggling to drink even the bare minimum of water each day, despite dripping with sweat during my workouts. I know this must be really bad for me. Any tips would be appreciated.

I'm in the process of trying to find an athletics track somewhere around here so I can do my 1km time trial as part of my fitness test. Tomorrow I have the day off (well, I will be working from home) and I'm going to investigate a local oval where the local Little Aths is held - I know its grass not synthetic, but I'm hoping it has some markings on it for the 400m. 

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